Respect authority

Like the officers that look at you naked through a machine and do aggressive pat downs on little kids:

An airport passenger screener was found to “routinely” use social media web sites to receive and distribute child pornography. The man “was initially identified as an employee through a picture of him wearing a TSA uniform that he posted on a social media web site,” the IG report stated. He was sentenced to 11 years in prison.Two other TSA employees got caught stealing laptop computers from passengers’ luggage. Another was sentenced to six months in jail for committing a hate crime at the Minneapolis airport

And the people we trust to keep our bad elements from coming into the country:

A supervisory immigration services officer and his son, a construction worker, were caught charging immigrants as much as $6,000 for expedited application processing and other benefits, including U.S. citizenship. After the payments were made, the officer “would direct his unwitting subordinates to favorably adjudicate the applications,” according to the IG report. He got five years in jail; his son got four.During the investigation, IG officials found another employee in the same office was running an entirely separate scheme accepting money from illegal immigrants in exchange for immigration benefits. He pled guilty and was awaiting sentencing.

via Homeland Security IG details wide range of illegal activity in semi-annual report.

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