Fair Debt

No one likes being in debt – and nobody deserves to be harassed or misled.  State and federal laws prohibits abusive debt collection practices.  If you’ve been victimized by a debt collector, the law provides for mandatory penalties to be awarded to you.

The Law Firm of Sander Friedman and Associates handles abusive debt collection cases at no cost to you. We handle cases in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Florida.  If we win, the debt collector must pay the legal fees and costs of your suit.

Sometimes, bankruptcy is not an option to pursue.  Maybe you have too many assets.  Maybe you have a settlement or an inheritance on the way.  Maybe you just do not believe in it and feel if you could just get some breathing room you can pay your way out.  If a debt collector has engaged in abusive practices, The Law Firm of Sander Friedman and Associates may be able to use a lawsuit against them to put the brakes on their collection efforts. This can give you time to get back on your feet. Better yet, the amount you are entitled to might even exceed the amount you owe.

Don’t trust your fair debt case to a bankruptcy attorney or a general practitioner.  The Firm has been the counsel of choice in cases that made the current law what it is (see the list below for a partial list).  We know how to maximize your recovery using the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act together with other consumer protection statutes.  Even if you are going to file bankruptcy, we work with your bankruptcy attorney to maximize the recovery so the payments to your creditors do not have to come out of your pocket.

Some debt collectors are simply dishonest people.  They impose excessive interest rates, illegal charges and overreach to collect on a debt.  We handle many cases using the Fair Debt Collection practices Act and similar consumer protection statutes to put the brakes on unscrupulous debt collectors – whether those collecting the debt or just collection agencies or collection attorneys.  Let our Firm stop the harassment.

Barrows v. Chase Manhattan, et. als.,
Attorneys acting on behalf of banks in foreclosures are subject to suit under The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act for demanding excessive reinstatement charges.

Smith v. Harrison,
Attorney debt collectors must review and have knowledge of the debts they collect and cannot blindly proceed without an investigation of the debt.

Stair v. Thomas & Cook and Rodman Cook, Esq.

Attorney debt collectors are obligated to inform debtors of their rights, even if a prior debt collector has done so.

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