Junk Fax

“Junk fax” refers to unsolicited faxes that you receive from businesses.  These junk faxes tie up your equipment and, more importantly, cost you money in the form of fax toner, paper and equipment wear.  Both federal and state laws prohibit this practice.  These laws provide for mandatory minimum payments to you and an award of counsel fees.  A suit regarding just one fax pursued under both federal and state law may to mean up to $2,000 in certain circumstances.

Any person or business with a fax machine receives these ads.  Free insurance quotes, discount roofing, restaurants menus, etc.  We began filing junk fax suits for ourselves after one Monday morning we discovered our fax machines had been emptied and the memory overloaded with this nonsense.  Since we started fighting back, the number has dropped substantially.

More than just an annoyance, junk faxes do cost you money.  You are being forced to pay for someone else to advertise to you – about products and services you never asked about and likely never would buy.  It is a privacy issue.  Database services are illegally selling information about you that others are exploiting to make you pay for them advertising to you.  By fighting back, you are removed from these illegal lists.  And not to mention, well compensated for your efforts.

We take these cases on in New Jersey, Florida and Pennsylvania.

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